The power and utilities sector is on the verge of a digital revolution and faces numerous new challenges Drones create a whole array of new opportunities for companies involved in both the energy production sector and the transmission or distribution sectors.

Powerline Inspections

One of the most difficult inspections to perform in the energy industry are powerline inspection. This is because powerlines span vast distances and are located at extreme heights, making maintenance difficult to achieve. However, powerline inspections are necessary to prevent the grid from failing and cutting off electricity to major areas. Manually, it can be difficult to inspect more than one or two powerlines a day. AMPS was able to increase the efficiency tenfold.

Solar Inspections

Solar panels are a major source of renewable energy all over the world, but like most energy systems, they require frequent inspections to monitor their performance. Instead of using a handheld thermal camera to manually inspect each panel, AMPS was able to do solar inspections radically faster with a drone equipped with thermal while maintaining the accuracy and quality of the data.

Hydro Dam Inspections

Dam safety has always been extremely important due to the fact that dam failures can cause catastrophic incidents for entire communities. Drones offer rapidly emerging solutions to help dam owners  manage and protect their facilities.

By mapping the dam slope measurements can be performed to monitor change over time. Drones equipped with high-resolution cameras and sensors can also provide a safe and efficient method for inspecting and monitoring dam and levee structures.