Drones are taking the mining industry by storm. Reducing the complexity of mining operations by improving safety, productivity and providing real-time asset tracking, Drone solutions have become highly sought after assets in the mining sector. As always with any new technology, the result is humans stay a little safer because the machines allow us to avoid having to work on the dull, dangerous or dirty jobs.

Stockpile and Pit measurements

We provide fast and efficient stockpile and open pit measurements with state of the art drone technology. This allows mining companies to manage the ROM (run of mine) values accurately and efficiently for better financial forecasting and supply-chain management.

Slope and Grade Measurements

We provide slope and road grade measurements for haul road design and maintenance.

Terrain Mapping

We create Digital Terrain Models (DTM’s) and Digital Elevation Models (DEM’s) with an average error less than 20 mm.

Infrastructure and Equipment Inspections

We inspect a wide range of infrastructure and equipment like crushers, Power lines, towers, pipelines and equipment in confined spaces.