Oil & Gas

By implementing the services of drone technology, oil and gas companies are experiencing significant reductions in workplace hazards.
The main factor prompting oil and gas suppliers to begin using drones is the ability of UAVs to swiftly and securely carry out inspection-related activities that normally require many hours to perform and place workers at substantial personal risk.

Pipeline Integrity Inspections

AMPS Drone Services provides routine inspections and safety monitoring on pipelines which improves efficiency without halting operations or compromising personnel safety

Inspections in Confined spaces

AMPS Drone Services improves safety substantially with UAV confined space inspections over manned inspections. The main dangers of confined space works like mechanical hazards (falling debris, collapse, moving parts of equipment, entanglement, engulfment, slips, or falls), risk of explosion or fire, inadequate oxygen levels, presence of hazardous chemical substances can be avoided for workers.

Gas detection surveys

With our state of the art drone technology we can locate the source of various gas leaks without putting any humans at risk.

Flare stack inspections

We can safely inspect flare stacks and other structures on refineries while reducing weeks of planning, preparation and on-site time or taking the flare system temporarily ‘offline’.