N.V. AMPS formally opened its new floor at the J.A. Pengelstraat 129.

On Friday, October 22nd, 2021, N.V. AMPS formally opened its new floor at the J.A. Pengelstraat #129. Since its opening in 2006, only the ground floor of the building was used for the various departments. Due to the growth of the staff and the company in recent years, it was time to expand.

A festive opening ceremony was held on this new second floor which was attended by the CEO, the supervisory board, family members, various consultants and all AMPS employees. After a series of speeches the guests were given a tour and were treated to a delicious lunch.

In addition to the CEO, CFO and HR Manager offices, this floor also houses the Finance department, the sister company AMPS Drone Services and SPLICE.

‘At the beginning of the year I said this will be our best year yet and so far we are doing pretty good to realize that. I am blessed to have this special team around me. We are able to stand here in this lovely space because of their effort and hard work. My gratitude goes out to the entire AMPS Family’ says CEO Andrew Baasaron who also celebrated his birthday alongside the opening.
The expansion of AMPS does not stop here. Next on schedule is the construction of N.V. AMPS’ own Service Center at the Boerbuiten.
24 October 2021
S. Haridat
Project Manager at AMPS